Music Writing Services

Eddie Lewis is a prolific composer and arranger. He has composed hundreds of compositions for brass and jazz instrumentations and has written even more arrangements. One of the best compliments he ever received describes his music perfectly:

“Your music is modern but it doesn’t repulse.”

In his original compositions, Eddie uses modern techniques to express God’s love through his music. Yes, they are modern compositions, but the message behind the music is one of love, grace and mercy. In almost every case, Eddie’s music is meant to lift people up.

A Not So Distant Pass 04

The following is a list of services Eddie provides as an arranger/composer:

Arrangement Commissions

Technically, we don’t like to call arrangements commissions, but other people do. If you are looking for someone to write an arrangement for your ensemble, Eddie Lewis is available for that sort of work.

Horn Charts

Eddie Lewis has been writing horn charts for as long as he’s been playing in been playing in bands. Most of the charts he’s written in the past have been for the bands he works with, but people like his work and they are calling him more often to do charts for their bands.

When writing horn charts, Eddie can either create new parts for a song or he can “lift” the parts from the original recording. It’s up to you. Click HERE for more information.

Charting Your Originals

Do you have some original music that you need charted out for a band? Eddie Lewis is the perfect person for the job. Eddie knows how to listen to what you want and write the music in a way that works with your expectations.