All-State Prep Clinic

As stated in his All-State Prep Book, Eddie Lewis believes that the time to begin working towards making the Texas All-State Band is immediately after solo and ensemble contest, the previous year. The best time to grow as an individual musician is when practice demands for band begin to taper off. During the months between solo contest and late July, the students should be working on music and exercises geared towards helping them mature musically enough that the All-State music is within their skill level.

Topics Covered

The topics covered in the All-State Prep Clinic include:

  1. Vibrato
  2. Phrasing
  3. Compound Meter
  4. Complex Rhythms
  5. Ornamentation
  6. Tongue/Slur Patterns
  7. Trumpet Style
  8. Syncopation
  9. Arpeggios
  10. Scales in Every Key

Please note that what we refer to as a clinic, some teachers refer to as a masterclass or workshop. If you are looking for someone to teach a masterclass or workshop, it’s the same thing. Please feel free to contact us to setup an appointment.

Some of Eddie’s Other Clinic Titles

All-State Jazz Etudes

The All-State Jazz clinic specifically addresses the current year’s Texas All-State Jazz audition music. Mr. Lewis is a leading authority on the subject because not only is he an accomplished jazz musician himself, he has also written the audition materials every year since 2009 and actually served as a judge at both the region and state levels.

The Art of Accumulative Practice

Eddie teaches what he calls “accumulative practice” instead of maintenance practice. It is possible to practice in a way that makes every minute count towards your personal progress. When you are organized and use proven practice techniques, ever minute you practice takes you closer to your musical goals.

The Physical Trumpet Pyramid

The name of this clinic is also the name of Eddie Lewis’ first book. The Physical Trumpet Pyramid is the underlying concept that his Daily Routines and Chops Express books are built upon. In this clinic, Mr. Lewis will teach your students how to apply this extremely beneficial structure to their practice sessions.

The Strength Forumula

Trumpet players are always looking for a higher range and greater endurance. Mr. Lewis teaches that the two of these are byproducts of strength. In this clinic, he will teach the students the formula for strength development and how to implement it in their practice.

Availability Outside of Houston

While most of the workshops and clinics Eddie Lewis does are local to the Houston area, it is not uncommon for him to travel. If you are interested in hiring him for a workshop in a Texas city outside of Houston, please feel free to contact us. We will spend time with you to find way to make it work.